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Da Nang , Kien Cuong is a 3-star hotels of international standard accommodation is ideal when you need to stay in the central region .

Kien Cuong hotel is located in an ideal location , located on My Khe beach , Da Nang city , is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam and is one of the six most beautiful beaches , the way station , Da Nang international Airport about 5km , convenient transactions , work , travel and shopping .

Hotels Kien Cuong our harmonious combination between modern and ancient - including two buildings , one side is slender physique modern in style , one side with ancient villa decorated VIP room . You can choose the deals they want most comfortable .

With spacious rooms , is designed in a modern style , affordable , fully furnished ( fridge , air conditioning , wifi ... ) , mini - bar , cozy interior , elegant and stylish dress professional staff of young, dynamic will make you satisfied .

Kien Cuong Hotel 2


All the rooms in Da Nang, Kien Cuong 2 is divided into 2 blocks. A block overlooking the My Khe Beach. The volume includes the rest room, overlooking the city center. 

We trust you will feel safe, comfortable, cozy and comfortable during their stay in Da Nang.